Help & Services

The Buck Buck Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dba CMV Help. The Buck Buck Foundation’s mission is to provide CMV (Cytomegalovirus) medically fragile children and their families with financial support, education and hope. Our goal is to raise national awareness of CMV with the aim to prevent birth defects. Our objective is to collaborate with other existing organizations, and the medical community, for the wide adoption of CMV testing for women in their child-bearing years, and toward the development of finding a vaccine for CMV prevention. Our vision is to develop and provide Buck Buck homes to care for medically fragile children when care at home is no longer an option.

Funding for family assistance is done on a yearly basis right now, but will become more frequent as we grow.


Families we have helped:

CarCarson Newson Stansbury
South Dakota
Seven year old Carson was born happy and healthy but was diagnosed at four months with congenital CMV. The infection impaired the growth of Carson’s head and caused brain calcifications that ultimately led to significant developmental delays. Carson relies on a wheelchair for mobility, is nonverbal, and has difficulty swallowing. He has undergone numerous surgeries to treat his conditions yet despite the pain and discomfort has always come out on top! Carson attends Lawrence public school where the staff and children are a blessing. Despite his trouble communicating, Carson’s mother Jessy says everyone in his his presence can sense his warm heart and will notice a comforting smile. The Buck Buck Foundation provided the Stansbury’s with a special “Chill Out Chair” and tray to assist with comfortable, supportive sitting free from the risk of falling associated with standard furniture.

Elisabeth Hagan
Ft. Pierce, Florida
Elisabeth’s parents Tessa and Buddy planned to adopt her before she was born and were closely involved in the pregnancy and birth. The delivery and early days were difficult with Elisabeth experiencing trauma from the process and then severe liver dysfunction. As she grew, Elisabeth developed serious skeletal and hip problems that have required her to undergo multiple surgeries yet she is now learning to walk. She is also hearing impaired but despite this has been able to use some words. Elisabeth is an enthusiastic student that is actively learning and enjoying the sensations involved in her frequent exposure to the outdoors. The Buck Buck Foundation purchased Elisabeth an adjustable positioning car seat for her growing and strengthening seven year old body.

Micaiah Lopez
Yuma, Arizona
Micaiah’s mother Katherine knew from two ultrasounds that her baby was not developing normally. After his birth the doctors confirmed that CMV was responsible for the abnormalities, which resulted in blindness, cerebral palsy, and other sensory disorders. Micaiah is nonverbal but is now walking (with vigor!) at age nine. Despite his developmental challenges he is an extremely happy boy and his uplifting attitude inspires everyone he meets. Unfortunately, Micaiah’s cleverness enables him to slip out of his car seat, earning him the nickname “Houdini”. To solve this problem the Buck Buck Foundation provided the Lopez’s with a new, more secure and properly fitting adaptive booster seat for the family van to keep Micaiah safe and sound while traveling.

Bubby NewThomas “Bubby” Everson
Seattle, Washington
Thomas’ mother Brandi loved working with foster children and had no intention of taking a break when she became pregnant. However, at about twelve weeks she became sick with flu-like symptoms and at fifteen weeks an ultrasound showed fetal abnormalities. Follow-up ultrasounds generated conflicting and confusing opinions and tests for CMV were erroneously negative. Bubby’s was a difficult labor but he arrived as a generally robust newborn. However, he failed his hearing tests and at four months experienced tremors determined to be the result of epilepsy. Subsequent examination showed that Bubby had severe brain damage with a dire prognosis including cerebral palsy. Finally, at 2 ½ years, congenital CMV was properly confirmed. Bubby, now seven, experiences a number of difficulties including microcephaly, OCD, ODD, ADHD food aversions, and sensory problems but has received a cochlear implant and can walk unaided (although he requires a wheel chair in public). While caring for Bubby may be a struggle, Brandi would never change what makes her son unique. The Buck Buck Foundation purchased a specially designed activity chair for Bubby to facilitate his daily care, learning and play activities.

Noah NewNoah Taylor
Karri Taylor experienced a high-risk pregnancy with her son Noah. At 37 weeks the doctors encouraged a scheduled delivery due to low fetal blood flow. At birth it was determined that Noah had been infected with CMV, was given strong antiviral drugs, and spent eight weeks in neonatal intensive care. Doctors were not optimistic about Noah’s future and predicted he would decline into a vegetative state due to the effects of the virus on his developing brain. While five-year-old Noah is hearing impaired and nonverbal, his energy and resilience have astonished everyone. He continually makes remarkable progress and even walks. He is truly the light his mother’s life and a medical inspiration. The Buck Buck Foundation provided Noah with a specialized “toddler chair” to comfortably support him during his numerous therapies, playtime, and learning activities.

JoshyJoshua “Joshy” Hill
Six year old Joshy was born with CMV and to a young but remarkable mother. As he grew and the extent of his disability became clear, Joshy was allowed through adoption to become a loving part the Hill family. CMV has stolen his ability to eat, drink, see, walk, talk, and hear clearly. He struggles with chronic pain. His brain and head are too small but this certainly makes him no less cute! He has endured numerous surgeries and procedures and takes multiple medications to minimize harm caused by seizures. While it is unlikely that he will live to adulthood, he is a very happy little boy who loves to smile and laugh. His struggle repeatedly teaches The Hills to keep life in perspective and laugh no matter what! They are a large busy family in a rural area and must travel frequently. The Buck Buck Foundation provided Joshy with a special collapsible stroller for use during the snowy Montana winters. This allows Joshy to travel to doctor appointments, family outings, and church when otherwise he would have to remain at home.